Why Music ?


Music and movement have educational and emotional benefits for young children.


Every moment of the early years of a child’s life is a learning experience. Music and movement activities can stimulate the development of the whole child from the very first days of life by assisting in the development of physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional skills. A music and movement class can also be a fun and creative way for a parent and child to spend focused and enjoyable time together without distraction. Young children who particpate in music activities with others become confident, self-aware and learn to build positive relationships. By simply talking, singing and reading to a child you are ‘turning on’ their brain cells but by participating in a quality music program like Kindermusik – playing instruments, singing, listening to stories and learning with music with your child, you begin to provide an important social, emotional and brain-building experience.                   

More and more we hear about the research into the connection between music and child development. Early, positive and age appropriate experiences with music can impact on :                    

language and literacy skills – vocabulary, comprehension, listening and expression.                   

maths and pattern recognition.                   

social and emotional development.                     

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